Audio Sweeper mp1212bl+

Audio Sweeper mp1212bl+
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Product Description

Huury up..Offer Limited..!!!
Use for Testing the spurious noise of the loudspeaker,headphone,loudspeaker system ...suitable for use in production line. R&D, quality control and incoming parts inspection department..

Key Features
LCD display output scope and frequency..
This unit has the functions of output delay at power-on and short circuit protection...
Produce the aural signal to test the sound and to accurately identify the polarity and pure tone index of loudspeakers...
Tool to test the + and - polarity of loudspeaker, earphone and dynamic receiver of various types, sizes and impedances.
With easy operation, this unit is widely applied to acoustics, telecommunications and other many fields, and to the loudspeaker and sound box manufacturers in particular...

Technical Features
Contents Description
Frequency domain20Hz-20KHz
Frequency display errordisplay values 1*10power41 words
Sine wave output scope0---12.8vrms 8ohms load
Output voltage display error10%
Sine wave frequency response0.4dB (KHZ) status
Sine wave distortion degree<=0.5%, 100HZ-20KHZ
other frequency rangs: <=0.8%
Output power>=20W
Sweep modelogarithm
Sweep ratio1: 1000
Sweep time1S-20S
Synchronous outputTTL square wave
Power supplyAC110V10% 50HZ
Operating environmentTemperature: 0-40
Humidity:< RH90%
Atmospheric pressure: 86-105kpa