Audio Sweeper MP1212BL

Audio Sweeper MP1212BL
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Product Description

Huury up..Offer Limited..!!!
Use for Testing the spurious noise of the loudspeakerˇ˘headphoneˇ˘loudspeaker system ...Suitable for use in production line,R&D, quality control and incoming parts inspection department.....

Technical Features
Contents Description
Frequency Range 20Hz~20Khz
Frequency Display Error1*10 power(-4)±1
SineWave Output Amplitude
MP-1212 B Model:0~12.8Vrms8 OhmsLoad
MP-1212 D Model:0~18Vrms8 ohms Load
MP-1212 E Model:0~22 Vrms8 ohms Load
MP-1212 F Model:0~25.3 Vrms8 ohms
MP-1212 G Model:0~28.3 Vrms8 ohms Load
Output Voltage Meter Error±10%
Sinewave Response:±0.4dB
Sine Wave distortion: <=0.5%
Other Frequency Width: <=0.8%
Output Power B Model
D Model
E Model
F Model
G Model
Sweep modelogarithm
Sweep ratio >=1: 1000
Sweep time1S-20S
Synchronous outputTTL square wave
Working VoltageAC 110V±10% 50HZ
Working EnvironmentTemp: 0~40C
Humidity <=90%RH
Atmospheric pressure:86~105kPa