Soldering Tip

Soldering Tip
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Product Description

Tip Category
Part Code Specification Shape Picture
900 M-T-B Conical
900M-T-LB Conical
900M-T-0.8D Chisel 
900M-T-1.2D Chisel 
900M-T-1.6D Chisel 
900M-T-2.4D Chisel 
900M-T-3.2D Chisel 
900M-T-1C Bevel 
900M-T-2C Bevel 
900M-T-3C Bevel 
900M-T-4C Bevel 
900M-T-5C Bevel 
900M-T-I Conical
900M-T-K SMD

$5/Tip; $45/Bag(10 Tips, can choose from different type and mix into one bag)