Ultrasonic Distance Meter VC6450

Ultrasonic Distance Meter VC6450
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Product Description

Content Description
Recommended use: indoor
Measurement range: 0.6~15m
Accuracy: +-0.5% +-1 digit
Resolution: 0.01m
Aperture angle: Approx. +-5 degree
Laser type: 630 ~650nm
Laser power: 1mW
Laser class: class ІІ (US version)
Battery: 9V 6F22 006P NEDA1604
Size: 130กม50กม30mm
Weight: Approx.150g
Perfect Measurement requires meter to be used under following conditions:
Temperature: 0~40C (32F~104F)
Humidity: 40~70%
Altitude: -0.1~0.1km.....

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