Multimeter w/Capacitance,Temperature, Frequency VC99 LDB Logo

 Multimeter w/Capacitance,Temperature, Frequency VC99 LDB Logo
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Product Description

Hurry up..Offer Limited..!!

Key Features..!!
Guaranteed for life...
Convenient and safe to operate...
Big screens with overload protection...
Manual measurements digital meter with three and a half digit...
Continuity, triode magnify, capacitance, temperature and frequency tests...
Designed tough for harsh work environments but with accuracy meters....

General Specification..!!
Content Description
Power Supply:2 pcs 1.5V ("AAA" battery)
Range:Manual range only
Size:185 X 93 X 35mm
Working temperature:0șC-40șC
Relative humidity:less than 75%

Packaging List...!!
VC99 multimeter,
2*1.5V battery,
test leads,
temperature probe,
gift box and user manual.
Technical Specification..!!
Test Range Accuracy
DC Voltage600mV - 1000V:±(0.5% +3d) ~ ±(1% +3d)
AC Voltage6V - 750V±(0.8% +5d) ~ ±(1.0% +5d)
DC Current600uA- 20A ±(1.0% +3d) ~ ±(2% +5d)
AC Current600uA - 60A ±(1.2% +5d) ~ ±(2.5% +10d)
Resistance600 ohm - 60M ohm ±(0.8% +5d) ~ ±(1.2% +5d)
DiodePN & NPForward DC current 1.0mA, Reversed voltage 3.0V
Testing Continuityo)))Open circuit voltage is 0.5V
Triode magnify TesthFE Vce = 4.5V,Ibo = 15 uA
Capacitance40nF - 2000uF ±(3.5% +10d) ~ ±(5% +8d)
Temperature-40șC - 1000șC ±(0.8% +4d) ~ ±(1.5% +15d)
Frequency10Hz-60MHz ±(0.5% +4d)